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shoebox of dead love in 2007

i don't think you understand
how you've made me feel
things arn't the same
as they used to be
i wanna hug you like
a girlfriend hugs her guy
i want to hear you apologize
i want to see your desire
but its too sparadic,
i don't want to have to ask about it.
i want to clearly see your love
but i cant
i have to reel at it.
distance is overtaking you
like the last guy
my face says it all
i've said every word that needs to be said
you don't seem to get it.
bed. bed. bed.
five languages. two people.
what are the odds?
i misunderstood you perhaps?
hello willow, hello fairies,
hello spirit.
to the grave, i sit indian-style,
speechless, unmovable
        here, at the tombstone you made
{in my soul}......
you carved AEC
and dropped off your shoebox
of love, promises and forgotton bygones.
we decide our fate,
god constucts our fate
you dictate "good sense"
my darling
what reels in my mind,
is all the good times
have you forgot?
my sweet darling.

daynae. 8/22/07

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shoebox of dead love in 2007