vicki wroe

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 In My Dreams

In my dreams I'm stood on a hill,
Wanting to roll down oh wouldn't it be a thrill?
The blades of grass urge me to go,
But the wind blowing around me silently whispers no.

I wonder what it would feel like,
Being back as a child and riding down it on a bike,
The sun shining kept us smiling for hours,
The surrounding trees hid our childhood powers.

My eyes gazed down to the ground at the bottom,
Bringing back memories that were long forgotten,
I stretched my arms out to the side,
And fall to the floor to roll down one last time.

My laughter filled the air as I rolled and rolled,
My childhood memories ran free by my soul,
My body felt so young and wild and free,
Oh how I remembered when we did this when were two or three.

As I reached the end my eyes refilled,
With the tears of joy that once fell from me,
Back to being grown up, sensible and mature,
Waking up to Morning and dreaming no more.

Vicki Wroe, 17 (c)

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