Poetry From The Heart by Barbara Ann Smith 
  Barbara Ann Smith

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 The Old Country Church

There on the hill stood an old country church,
pine trees hovered around it like soldiers on alert.
The window panes glistened, mirroring the sky,
three crosses stood on a hillside close by.

Dark clouds tried to obstruct the striking view,
buttercups and daisies emitting a nice hue.
A ray of sunshine peeked through the clouds,
landing on the crosses standing there and proud.

I couldn't believe the stunning sight,
the crosses lit up like a dazzling light.
I rubbed my eyes, watching in disbelief,
my heart and soul found it hard to believe.

I walked up the spiraling hill toward the church,
I found an ailing lamb trying to give birth.
In distress and unable to pull herself up,
looking at me...like I'm having bad luck!

I came to her aid as I patted her woolly head,
if I didn't do something...they both would be dead.
I looked to the crosses lit up like a dazzling light,
must make a decision and it better be right!

I gave the baby lamb a gentle tug,
Mother lamb jumped up like giving it a hug.
Standing there to make sure everything is okay,
the baby lamb bucked like it wanted to play.

I looked back to the hill were the crosses stood,
feeling in my heart, I had done some good.
Thinking about Jesus being called the Lamb,
I fell to my knees and gave thanks to the Great I Am.

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