Maria Guzvic

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Maybe I should think about revamping my image
Before we get to the end of another year
Some days I feel stale, boring and weary
And I would like to gift myself with some cheer!

Oh dear, now having said that
Where in heavens do I begin
At the feet and work upwards, though
Tricky when I get to the double chin!

They seem to do it so easily on the TV
One minute an ugly duckling and
In the blink of an eye
A beautifully fledged swan!

There's not a lot I can do with my feet
So I'll go to the other end instead
Oh dear, just look at that hair
Seems she's left half of it in bed!

That cosmetics bag needs a reshuffle
Out with the old, in with the new
Perhaps a change of colour in lippie
Though I draw the line at applying false eyelashes with glue!

My entire wardrobe is looking quite sorry for itself
Jodhpurs and kaftans went out with the ark
Probably some elegant outfits might work
Chic, classy and conservatively dark!

I've had enough of this talk of make-over's
Like me as I am or don't like me at all
Surely tight white leggings and stilettos are still ok
And what about those flouncy dresses that look like a puff-ball!

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