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That nagging feeling
Was always there
Trailing through my mind
Trying to make itself clear

I blinked and hoped dearly
It would just go away
Freeze and crumble into pieces
Not lead you astray

My mind casts to days
When I knew nothing of this plight
When I hadn't reckoned
On this tug of war fight

My naivety was great
My feelings were pure
I thought I would win
The conqueror for sure

But I crept in that night
Not worried at all
Wondering why
I hadn't received that promised call

I caught you red handed
With the challenger for your heart
A 4mm Narrow Gauge railway
I thought I had a head start

But I saw your lip quiver
As you lovingly fondled your toy
And I guess that it's the only sleeper
You will be taking to bed to enjoy

Me, I'm out of here
Going home on the last train
Don't expect I'll be seeing you
Ever again!

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