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An innocent young lad
Who only shaves once a week
With those rambunctious ladies
He stood there so meek
Tremblin' in fear
Of what they might say
Would they toy with him
Like an innocent bird with its prey

He scrubbed up pretty smartly
From his work tending the fields
Now there was another matter
Of what this thing called love may yield
With a tractor or an engine
His hands knew how to play
But with a lady, well,
That area was almost grey

He thought of joining an evening class
Romance being the unknown benchmark
Hoping to learn how not to blush
When a lassie declared a sexy ree-mark
And how not to completely lose his mind
Yet appeasing those simmerin' temptations
And not showing his dubiousness and
Urgent manly frustrations

So the next time he is confronted
By a bold cleavage in his face and
A mini-skirted girl
Who wants to hold him in place
He will be able to stand up
Or lay down and be counted
And the aim of his night out
Is to be reined and fully mounted!

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