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The Fall of Superman

O how I need help
but when God tried talking
I gently slept...
 slept time away
Procrastination's a fool
and good things from above won't stay
When you opened your wings to heal
I pushed thy glory aside,
resting comfortably in my steel
but now the night has come and the sun has passed
The iron workers are here...this steel won't last
Hear my voice I pray
and let not my frailties melt me away
Even though I am a man
 the winds of life are blowing hard,
scattering me like sand all over the land  
       O where are you God?!
O if I can leap this mountain in a single bound
Maybe the voices of these hounds will drown,
   that fills me with fears...
             tracking my tears...
                 tracking my years down
If I am superman why do I bend like tin?
    O Lord I pray let me have a little relieve
              every now and then
Life is is hell
I am standing on the ground where great men fell
    And I can't fly away
O Lord please let me be Elijah today
The clouds are gathering the sun has gone down
and the steps of Jezebel's hounds are on the way
You said a thousand shall fall at my side
and ten thousand at my right hand but it wouldn't
                       come nigh me
But look at the rise of the raging sea

Happy is the man that keeps my words and faith in me.
  I AM power I AM might
Humble yourself and call on me
  and I'll come and fight
I'll send the winds to turn back the rising sea
And for my name's sake
I'll walk the waters and dry the lakes
I'll stop the voices and bind the hounds
And Jezebel's terror shall never again be found
Might doesn't come because you think you're grand
I AM God and you are a man
Don't put yourself in the clouds when you dwell on earth
         Therein thy thinking lies the curse
I called the dust together and gathered it in a heap
I bless and curse the days and marks the steps of man's feet
I speak and the leaves forsake their place
I change the hot nights to the cold days
 and sprinkle the ice upon the land
and stir tribulation in the frying pan
I am not affected by time or space
and castaways and dead things I raise
Pride's like a hood that covers the ears and the eyes
and makes the mind to walk in the skies
    from self-promoting lies
O seeds of the fallen
Answer me when I speak
   I keep calling!

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James  

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The Fall of Superman