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It doesn't matter who eats the most or the least
as long as we all enjoy the feast.
Now let's all bow our heads and say grace,
then attack the food with a smile on our face.
I'll carve the Turkey you pass out plates and silverware,
remember the sipper cups for those in high chairs.
Potatoes and gravy or potato salad anyone,
There's honey ham you can put on a bun.
Take some cranberry jelly and watch it jiggle and wiggle,
Take oodles of noodles and a biscuit or two,
load your plate full no one cares what you do.
When everyone's done we'll drink some nice wine,
 after the kids watch the parade it's the parent's show time.
Pig skins will be thrown, chips and beer hit the floor
yelling and screaming at the players bounce door to door.
The girls are in the kitchen plotting tomorrow's events,
hoping the parking lot plaza won't leave their car full of dents.
Credit cards, cash, or layaway the women all smile on this shopping day.
They come home flustered there were things on their list they didn't see,
and just when they begin to rest the kids scream lets put up the tree.
Then it's boxes and bulbs and lights and confusion
kids falling off chairs almost getting contusions.
Oh, the holiday season is so sweet to see come,
but there's a few where happiness can't run.
So maybe this season let's trim down the cheer,
and show love to the ones that have no holidays near.
Say praise to the Veterans that can't be at home,
donate to the homeless that can only roam.

God Bless each and everyone of you and yours this
Holiday Season.
This may be a messed up way to end this but, a friend sent it to me.
There's never enough money to feed them
but, always enough money to KILL them.

Truth Peace Tranquility (TPT)

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