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The condition of your heart
Molded your mind while
Directing your deeds and

You had a free run,
Now it is time to pay your

Did sport, amusement,
Fun and play cloud
Your understanding
Regarding this day?

Given your last bath
Enshrouded, entombed
Securely sealed within …
The last and final stage
Of Life can begin.

Lies will be stripped bare
Allowing only truth to
Prevail. The righteous will
Be joyous as the fasiqeen
Receive their punishment
And wail.

What will be your plight?
Will it be joyous or will
It be bleak? In the life of
The previous world what
Did you seek?

The pleasure of your Lord
Or the pleasure of self?

Oblivious of the grave when
You were afar.
Now, securely inside
Finding no escape
Reality has become
Perspicuously clear
And with great trepidation,
You wait …
The approach
Of Munkar and Nakir.

To the three questions how
Will you respond? And what
Reward or punishment do
You expect to find, now that
You have expended your
Earthly allocation of time?

Abu Lateef

Copyright ©2008

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