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 A Scout in Gray was I

Down the coach road I did ride,
a scout in gray and sixteen was I.
It's was eighteen sixty four and
the mighty canons,
Oh! How they did roar.

I had to get to Vicksburg before
the soldiers in blue. A mighty force
was sailing down the great
Mississippi out of view.

Hell bent for leather I rode,
three days and nights, with
pistol and sward on my side.
Then I could faintly see
the city light's dim tide.

I would soon be able to
warn my comrades in arms
of the coming attack.
But now I know…
I should have looked back.

A sniper's mini ball…
on that day for me
ended it all.

Vicksburg finally fell
and from that day the war
went straight to hell.

My spirit will ride for eternity
on this Mississippi trail.  
Never again to ride like hell
are shout the mighty Rebel yell.

Jackie R. kays

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