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Hi: My 12 year old granddaughter and I have written one other poem together in the past. Now we have completed another. We do this via emails and each one of us write 2 lines each till we feel the poem is done. We hope you like this one.

The mists grew thicker as I walked alone near the woods you know
The place where the grown ups warn you not to go
Stars shining in the bright cool eerie night
An owl's hoot gives me a big fright

Chills run up and down my spine
Visions of monsters appear in my mind
I trip over something with a moan
What is it? A gravestone

The moon comes up to light my way
I find I am standing where the dead lay
Why did I come? Why was I here
At least no one alive was near

Alone was I in this spooky place
My heart pumping fear covers my face
The trees sway in the wind
As I walk around the bend

On the road between the graveyard and woods
Like a giant dark beast it stood
Not knowing if it sees me
I wanted so badly to flee

To my surprise I found
My feet glued to the ground
Gazing down my heart skipped a beat
From a grave two bony hands held my feet

The dark thing said something with a groan
In a very very evil tone
The bony body grasping my legs was rising from the ground
Then I looked down and a flashlight I found

The light came on but not by my hand
For in my bedroom door I saw grandpa stand
He said no more spooky stories on Halloween
All they do is give you bad dreams
                                                  Caitlin Avery Salyer
                                                  The Granddaughter
                                                  Edwin J. Smith
                                                  The Old Cowboy

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