The Unfairness Of Angels
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 The fairest of fairytales
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Gather round the fire you boys and girls

For I shall speak of the fairest of fairytales

About a young maiden, graceful and fair

Who just like Repunsal had long flowing hair

But this is a tale of the maidens despair

And about a brave knight who had no one to share

For this Maiden, Princess Tina was her name

Was kept by an Ogre in a tower of sorrow and pain

He had no eye for beauty only for hate

And he kept her in solitude, an unnatural fate

Her eyes were all sore for crying so much

And her heart so weary for in need of a touch

Her cries went unanswered and her hopes soon did fade

As alone in her tower, she silently prayed

She wished for a knight brave and so strong

Who would rescue her from this torturous wrong?


In a city of iron and brick laden huts

Where streets were full of lepers and ill-fated sluts

Lived a knight whose adventurers were weary and old

And like the Northern Mountains, had a heart that was cold

But this was a myth for his heart breathed like a dragons fire

And within his belly roared so much love and desire

He had just one more quest, one more adventure within

In an inn drinking his mead, he found his true calling

Across from the table were he did sat

He overheard some general chit chat

About a fair maiden that was locked away

In a tower, in a place, not too far away

With hearing this news, the knight quickly got to his feet

And without a moments pause headed to the land of Byfleet


On his pale horse, he galloped for over an hour

Until he came over the hills and was in view of the tower

As darkness approached and the sun did set in the West

He strapped his armour plate firm to his chest

His lance now raised and his shield carried a high

He set forth to the tower before the moon hit the sky

The tower stretched up to the heavens above

But he smashed down the door with a kick and a shove

The ogre awoke, startled and alarmed

And picked up his mace, he was now angry and armed

He stamped down the stone stairs to the knight below

But was caught un a guard, with a swing and a blow

The knights' sword swung down with a powerful force

And knocked the Ogre totally off course

He fell down the stairs, smashing his head

And when he finally stopped, he was lifeless and dead


The knight rushed up the steps to the maiden in captivity

And smashed through the door and went down on one knee

Swearing allegiance to the princess and that his sword was his

And within the tower that was her prison, she gave him a kiss

He pulled from his bag, some lotion for her eyes

And then pulled out a diamond which took her by surprise

She accepted his gifts and his love and his bravery

And said “It is I who should reward you, for it you that has saved me”

The knight picked her up in his arms and fled out the towers gate

And as they rode back to safety he said “repay me with a date”

How could she refuse his charm and charisma?

And when she agreed he lent over and kissed her

Now I bet you're wondering what happened to them?

Well that story children, is for when you are men!

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