Auchnacloy Boy

  Auchnacloy Boy        Nov 12, 2007

In Auchnacloy that little boy was workhouse bound for sure
Times were tough and very rough for the Irish that were poor
When he grew up, his Monaghan sweetheart they left their Irish shore
They were Irish poor, who reached Scotland's shore, I know they wanted more
In the new land a child was born in the country of second choice
Kathleen was her name in their new country of new found shame
To be Irish was wrong, they had to be strong, they were given a stable to live
Workhouse to stable just like the man before, that's all there was to give
Was it worth their trip to the new land, who could ask for anything more
From home hunger security to a new land shame, the rosary was said for sure
The Auchnacloy boy with his Monaghan choice became closer overnight
Eight more Irish children were born in the country of second choice
Kathleen, Patrick, Seamus and Felix were names they wore with pride
The names they carried was a cross to bear, there school they had to hide
Irish poor that's for sure, the system let them know,
They were told as little children their Irish names were wrong
They were proud with their Irish customs, time passed and life was long
Their children in the new land had children of their own
They were not accepted in their land, the were told you're not home grown
Immigration was the chance for them, the children of the Irish poor
No different than Francis and Catherine when they left old Irelands shore
No workhouse here, no need to fear, Irish names are an envied choice
To my Irish connection in heaven, I am your Irish voice

                                             God Bless you Francis and Catherine
                                                  From your grandchild
                                                    Gerrard McGeachy

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