Life Dreams / Lucid Living (c) 2003

A Voice For Sanity 2008

This may cause horror or consternation
Or spark your deep imagination
It may be met with fascination
I'd be honored to die by assassination
Ghandi, Kennedy, Martin Luther King
Lincoln and John Lennon, tis of Thee I sing
I want my life to be the difference
That helps us rise beyond indifference
Make peace and joy our only preference
Be the turning point for future's reference
I'd like to be a voice for sanity,
Offer some other choice than vanity,
Speak of truth and not insanity,
And thus bring love back to humanity


If it's any indication
Of my utter indignation
With the madness inter-nation,
Id like for my narration
From creative imagination
To live on in syndication
I'd spread the information
That increases man's elation
And love of all creation
Thus avoiding all damnation
For eternity's duration


Yes, I'd love to be the voice for sanity
And thus bring man back to humanity
So it is -- So be it -- So I say -- So Amen

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A Voice For Sanity 2008

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