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End Time Prayer

  O Might of Heaven,
who put out the sun?!
The spores of despair are blooming
and the wings of tragedy are born
If I have any more salty tears left to move thee...
      forgive us our sins
and wash not our souls with this raging sea
Though we are the seeds of Adam's loins
     Remember thine promises...
                  Remember thy Son
For there's no life except in thee
If thy mercy should ever fail
  all life would turn to hell,
 Please hear this humble plea
Neither stature nor status can be measured in the dust
                         of the night
Cover us not with the locust of life to eat our sight
   O please hear this humble cry
  Hold not back the beauty of thy mercy,
           lest all creation die
   Melt not our souls away with thine eyes
Sin's our ever covering O I know you despise,
     but let the blood of thy precious Son  
     wash away our every imperfection
               until we are done

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James


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End Time Prayer