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Walking in Austria III

Walking under mountains
All three side by side
Breathing air of freedom
Matching stride for stride
Through those lovely valleys
That year so lush and green
Perhaps at that time
The most raw beauty I had seen
Always looking for the Kirche
Because never far away
A handy little Gasthoff
For the last drinks of the day
Until off we went
To find a handy place
To pitch our borrowed tent
Never needed to go far
Our look around
There always seemed to be
A handy piece of ground
Like the monastery gardens
We got into by mistake
The wanderings of the brothers
Early brought us wide awake
We had a dry breakfast there
Not wanting to appear
The wrong sort of persons
With our usual bread and beer
And we struck camp quickly
Waved as we set off on our way
And coming ever ever closer
Our last Austrian walking day

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Walking in Austria III