I've been swimming in the sea
But didn't go out far
It really isn't safe, you see,
According to my ma
So I prefer to swim elsewhere
Now promise you won't laugh
Cos what i really, really like
Is swimming in the bath

Every night at half-past-five
I fill it to the brim
I then put on my bathing suit
And boldly I plunge in
I dive down to the bottom
Then swim up to the top
Then I start bobbing up and down
Which makes the water slop

I sometimes do the breast-stroke then
And sometimes it's the crawl
Sometimes I do doggy-paddle
Like my brother Paul
I like to do the backstroke too
But had a bad mishap
When I did backstroke very fast
And bashed into the tap

The other day I saw a shark
And had to swim quite fast
But luckily was rescued
By a ship without a mast
A pirate rowed me back to shore
And gave a hearty laugh
I have such great adventures when
I'm swimming in the bath

George Ansell

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