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Here's My Vote

Politics are interchangeable,
So why should I believe anything these lying gods say?
I'll just close my eyes...roll the dice and pray
  Don't tickle my ears...
      Don't scratch my eyes...
Why are you wringing my heart to hear my cries
    if you're not going to listen anyway?
      Infectious you!!
Spare me the thunder of your tongues
   Let the people clap
      and please be done
No! I won't be thy servant
     in red or blue
Be like the clouds and pass by
And let not your deceitful tears fall upon me
                  from the sky
    in a clear colored hue
Am I not a man that sees and hears?!
Why pour these liquid words in my ears?
Don't try to infect my head with
 your destructive lies
   Is that blood running from
 this politician's eyes too?
Though your speeches are beautiful
 and your voice's like gold
No, I will not be a sheep in thy fold
  No matter how you insist
Yeah I know,  Promises  Promises  Promises
          Lies Lies Lies
Look at the Devil in disguise
  Listen to them plead and cry
 Wait!! did you just squeeze a teardrop
                 out your eye?
Wow! "And all the world's a stage"- Shakespeare
"Therefore God sends upon them strong delusion
 that they might believe a lie" - (2Thess 2:11-12)
No matter how sweet Delilah-O Adonis
              you bait me
If I bite thy hook I'll never be free
          and disperse all reality

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Here`s My Vote