Maria Guzvic

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Leaping and gambolling
Love isn't solely for the young
Picture a morning when Spring has just sprung
My breath was taken away
As a sweet couple I saw wander by
My heart was lifted with tear to my eye

Almost two centuries between them
If you cared to add their total years
Though all wasn't as dreary as it might have appeared
Perhaps lightness of limb is far heavier now
Arthritic steps have somewhat slowed them down
Yet still a determined glance with no evidence of a frown

Stooped spines rounded like an old tortoise shell
And weary with the heat
Their shoes had seemed much too large for their feet
Exhaustion was close
Pulling them out of comforts reach
As they lingered and perched anxiously on a seat

They slumped in their chairs
Knees unbuckling the pain
Oh for younger years without all the strain
But the look of pure love
Had not withered with time
For love is universal, any age is divine

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