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  Barbara Ann Smith

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 Jesus` Birth

Tis the Holiday Spirit of Christmas...lets never forget
the long journey Joseph and Mary, Jesus` Parents
traveled the week of Jesus` birht. Lets sing praises
unto Jesus and rejoice in His birthday celebration,
and give thanks to God's Son, Jesus Christ. He
willingly gave His life for the sins of all human life
and through acceptance of Jesus Christ into our lives,
we can have an eternal life with Jesus in Heaven. It
is a joyeous season and the season to give praise unto
Him for His precisous gift to all of us. Lets journey
back to that day years ago...

Times nearing for Jesus` birth,
a law passes in the land...
requiring Jews to return to their ancestral home,
Romans were going to take a census.

This meant Joseph and Mary, Jesus` parents,
must travel a seventy mile trip to Nazareth of Bethlehem.
they traveled a week-long exhausting trip,
finding no rooms for them in the local inn...
the innkeeper turned them away.

Joseph didn't know what to do...
worried and worn out they found shelter,
in a nearby stable...
Mary gave birth to Jesus,
wrapping Him tight in strips of linen cloth.

This was an ancient practice...
keeping Jesus` arms and legs from moving,
they would now grow straight and strong...
tired and exhausted...
Mary laid Jesus on the bed of straw in a manger,
where the animals grazed.

Imagine the stark and moving scene,
Jesus, the Son of God...
coming into the world, a helpless baby,
lying in a crude manger.
The dark sky shown with a bright light,
nearby shepherds came to see the newborn child,
Jesus Christ.

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