Maria Guzvic

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Through my eyes I always try to see the good in everyone
A second chance if they happen to have strayed or gone wrong
Through my eyes lending an ear to someone who is in need
Feeding the hungry instead of being consumed by greed
Through my eyes a safe haven that I can call my home
A roof over my head and on the streets I don't have to roam
Through my eyes a rain storm is a much needed drink for the earth
And not a soggy misfortune that makes us lose our mirth
Through my eyes a prayer, a solitary chat with Him up above
Brings peaceful meditation and the sight of a white dove
Through my eyes a child's inquisitive face is a glorious thing
Step into the fountain of knowledge and teach them to sing
Through my eyes good health coupled with caring for mankind
Is worth ten million pounds for all the hardship you can find
Through my eyes a happy family, people you can trust and always hold dear
Especially coming towards this most important part of our year

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