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 The Green Battle
I just took a bath,
I feel so squeaky clean.
But, when I looked in the tub,
there was a lime green ring.
Where did this come from?
Why is this green ring here?
Echoed in my mind trapped between my ears.
So I took a white wash rag and gave the tub a scrub,
the drain had a sound as the water went glub, glub, glub.
The green ring was gone and the tub was now so clean,
but, the wash rag I had used was now all soaked in green.
I took the wash cloth to my washer and gave it a toss in,
I set it on a cycle with an extra wash and spin.
I poured in the soap and some softener too,
and thought to myself the green will be all through.
The washer started filling and ran the cycles fine,
but, when I opened the lid there was a lime green line.
Now my mind was boiling from the lime green curse,
little did I know, it would soon get worse.
I ran back to the bathroom and grabbed a new wash cloth,
but, it was almost all gone it had been eaten by a moth.
I went to the store to get some moth balls there,
but, there were not any on the shelves where I did stare.
I asked a clerk about moth balls he gave me a strange look,
he said we don't stock them I looked at him and shook.
I went back to my home with moths flying in the air,
mocking me in my home without a single care.
I started swatting and mashing every moth I was smashing,
they were oozing under my hand and fingers.
But, now there's pain that lingers in my mind from what I soon did see,
when I looked at my hand from my battle plan lime green was all over me.
I went to the bathroom sink and scrubbed the lime green ooze away,
soap and water went down the drain but a lime green ring did stay.
I screamed and yelled and laughed and cried,
until my feelings did subside.
I went to the fridge and reached for a beer,
and oh my God my greatest fear soon came near.
When I took that first cold drink from the bottle near the sink.
The beer had the foulest taste I spit it in the sink without haste.
Then dumped the rest down the drain,
and a lime green ring did remain.
Now I was at my wit's end and the lime green ring seemed to win,
is it my foe or is it my friend?
Why does it show again and again?
In a battle that I may never win.

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