Beautiful Disaster

Wishing on stars

Wishing on stars
On a starless night
Looking in the mirror
To see a fearful sight
Waiting, just waiting
To see the light
Knowing I can't
Hoping I might
Trying to go left
Turning right
Thought I had won
But I'm losing this fight
Holding on to His hand
And holding on tight
Afraid to let go
And fall the great height
Afraid to let go
And endure the great plight
He holds me close
And calms my fright
He whispers in my ear
It will be alright
He rejoices in me
And I give him delight
But this all seems so trivial
So trite.
Profound words are spoken
Providing incite
And for a moments time
My heart excites
My soul is inspired
A passion set to ignite
One known to fly forever
With the roughest of flights
For passion flies on
Unhindered by spite

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