Beautiful Disaster


She sits down
And tries to write
The right words
To express
How she feels
About this place
This group
Her family
The ones that encouraged
And supported
They listened to her
And cried with her
Just as she listened to them
And cried with them
As she gets older
She sees how important
Her group is
How important
This place is
Taking in kids
Letting out Christians
They let her be herself
They accepted her
When she was strong
And when she was weak
When she bright
And when she was dark
When she tries to run
They let her go
Only to hold out their hands
When she returns
She was stripped
And vulnerable
And they saw the real her
They saw she was broken
And bruised
And they took her
They pointed up to the sky
Then to her heart
Speaking of how much
She is loved
And when she felt alone
And stole away to a corner
She felt one hand
After another
On her shoulders
She felt them
Lifting her up
Telling her to smile
Telling her to keep fighting
She lives passionately
When she is with them
And no matter
How much of a fool
She may appear to be
They grab her up
And tell the world
She is ours
And when she falls
Or slips away
They don't give up
On her
They didn't give up
When she had given up
And they sang songs of praise
When she saw the light
They don't tire of telling her
That she is loved
Her smile is biggest
When she is there
When she reaches out
To touch another heart
To serve another soul
To know her dreams aren't so unreal
And people care
The world can change
They tell her
She can make a difference
They build her up
And when she falls
They point to the sky
And to her heart
Speaking of love
No matter how weird she may act
They still will grab her up
And claim her as one of there own
A beautiful child
A loved child
And she will fight for the dream
She has
The dream they inspired
The one they encouraged
She will refuse to back down
And she will march
And they will march with her
And she will hold her head high
And she will know that
They got her there
They pushed
They taught
They argued
They prepared
And all she had to do was embrace.

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