Beautiful Disaster

Incompetent Lover

You tell me you love me
But I'm not sure what you see
My head is shouting
Don't believe him!
But my heart is pouting,
Give him a chance, you never listen to me...
I want to
But I can't
I know I shouldn't
And I shan't
But maybe I just dig a little deeper
To find out if this one is a keeper
Although I already know
That I can't trust any ol' Joe
I can read through his lies
He's just like most guys
But yet I'm consumed
By his sweet talking ways
Capturing me in a matter of days
And although I knew
In reality
There was nothing there
I attempted to filled my heart
Putting his sweet talk
In places that were bare.
However, as figured
This never really works
Not one of its perks
And in the end
It's a common trend
That the boy stops talking to me
And leaves me be
To cry and hurt, privately
I know its coming
Yet regardless
That ounce of hope remains
The ounce of hope that brings
The pounds of pain
You'd think I would learn
But I never do
The next boy who starts
Sweet talking
I'll try to woo.

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