Beautiful Disaster

Love's Illusion

Love does not exist
It is but a mere illusion
Set up as a temporary escape
From a weary heart's delusion
It's a mirage
In the driest desert called life
Where we wish and hope
To renew our strength
From past suffering and present strife
Alas, upon arrival
After days, weeks, months, years
Of searching for  this mirage
We reach out touch the cool waters
Flowing from a gentle brook
But instead
Hot grains of sand burn our fingers
As we pull our hand back
Our mind snaps back into conscienceness
And the delusion slowly wears off
And then, we just stare
All around
At the emptiness
The supposed love
A great tower of refugee, they said
Turned out to be nothing more
Then an old, weather-worn cardboard box
The "great healer" of all wounds, they said
Is not more then a band-aid
That has be used.
But what's more
Our mind knew this
Before we started the searching
And our mind is the one
That creates the mirage
Without something to hope for
We would not go on

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