Beautiful Disaster

Two Cents

I carry around
Pennies in my pocket
So when an argument strikes
I'm ready
I'll throw my two cents
Somehow, someway
Regardless of if you want it
Or not
Often times it seems
And maybe its because
Of my condescending tone
Or the way I must contradict
Every popular belief
But I feel the need
To speak up
For those that won't
For those that can't
The "little guy"
Most people just assume
I like to argue
And shrug their shoulders
And with a sigh
Zone out
As I begin to preach.
I wish I could explain to them
That it goes a littler deeper
Maybe my audiences
Have never felt
The crushing pain
of being the underdog.
But since I have
I've made it my job
To never ever let anyone suffer
If I see something
Something needs to be done
Yes I will throw in two cents
And then some if I have too
I refuse to become indifferent
Indifference, is
Having two cents In your pocket
And not throwing them out
Because when you are too apathetic
To even speak on someone else's behalf
Then you are most definitely too apathetic
To act on someone's behalf.  
America, home of the free?  
Land of the brave?
How free are we?
When women feel they need to starve
To be beautiful
How is this the land of the brave?
When no one is speaking up,
And addressing the real problems.
I throw in my two cents,
Because I'm not afraid
I know what I believe,
And I believe it with all of my heart
But I'm also willing to
Accommodate those beliefs with
New information.
But people talk out of ignorance.
They say things that they don't understand
They are cruel
But they don't know it
"Your so gay"
"I am gonna go kill myself"
"Oh my gosh, did you see her.."
"My life sucks"
"Im so fat"
"I don't have any friends"
I'm sorry, if you don't accept my two cents
That's fine
However I am going to give it to you anyways
Because hitting someone In the head
With two pennies
Is not as bad
As tearing someone's soul apart
Or ruining your own soul
With ignorance

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