Beautiful Disaster

Background Music

The music plays in the background
A slight hum
One that makes your ears tingle
A soft sweet melody
To most people it's just a hum
Blurred into the background
But she hears more.
Much more.
And tears
Only a truly attentive
Can hear the imperfections in what seems like
A flawless harmony
So many are content with it's lulling hum
In the background
Some are completely oblivious
Never knowing what it means
But others, choose not to hear
Not caring if they're out of key
But each note
Like a moment of our lives
Each and every decision we make
Creates a never-ending melody
A melody unique to each individual.
And when those melodies are brought together
Intertwined and collide
That insignificant hum, we thought we knew so well
Is transformed into the most beautiful song
So take the music out of the background
Embrace your own sound
And start living the song
You've so longed to write

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