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Vanity, Beauty, and Love

Vanity was her name...
  so nice and kind,
but Beauty was the queen
 that stole my mind,
Offering me paradise in a surreal dream
While Vanity took my sight in the misty steam
(There's nothing like planting the
 roses of sweet hope in the barren garden...
    The ground soften that had harden,
 because he sees paradise in his grasp...
Time is meaningless now, and time so pass)
Though I've rode a thousand winged horses
   to her supposed heavenly realm
The fragrance of her sweet garden was found
So I appeal to thee O Love
  but where are you?
  Put strong wings on my back...
Play the music of sweet angels in my heart
         so I won't lack
     the precious and the pure
 And shield me from the fangs of fear
I long the songs you play in the night...
A beacon in the fog to rescue my sight

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Vanity, Beauty, and Love