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Paradise Dream

Why should I go chasing the dragon's tail...?
      Trade this heaven for that hell
        when the sun's rays rise
I choose the paradise before my eyes!
Though I couldn't comprehend the essence
  of the sweet night's cries
O Sun hold back thy mighty light from the skies
   for this night isn't complete
Though there be a thousand candles shining about me
       all I want to do is sleep
For only in this paradise do I see her beautiful glow...
     She's not a stranger to me anymore
She sends me sweet whispers from the sparkling stars...
  I gather them up and seal them in jars
    like sweet preserves of the night
O if I could only persuade the sun to hold back her light
    because heaven's at my feet
  And all I want to do is sleep
Though hell's reality is on the outside,
  I pick thee O Paradise to stay,
  Her smile haven't been brighter...
Then a rooster crowed...messing up my day

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James


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Paradise Dream