Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


Hero eyes and a poisoned heart that bleeds
The wrong way, how I miss the way a
Hug used to feel when I was small and
Deserving of affection and emotionality.
Blink once, it's all still here, I can't blink
It all away and smile as though I had
Gotten here on faith with a soul unscathed.
My fingers stained with the gray rain, I'm
Able to walk forward knowing that traces
Of god are in my fingertips, knowing that
I can always feign bravery when paranoia
Constricts my lungs and closes in the walls
That surround this dying, lachrymose life.
I think, therefore, I am, a diamond made of
Coal, fading fast into a sea of nausea.
The bile is a wave crashing upon the shores
Of a crumbling persona, washing me back,
Taking small bits of me away to oblivion.

November 11, 2007

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