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psychological detachment

the secret to overcoming
five years of intimacy
with somebody whom later ceased in existence
once believing in a tale that-
was never meant to exist to begin with.
Every memory
that uncontrollably reels in your mind
of a summer love that sustained for four summers
not one.
And a body who became one with yours.
Every one of those six hundred thousand kisses
exchanged from lip to lip.
Every time he was there to lean on
in awkward times, in fearful times, in weak times....
are now flashbacks i must pretend never happened
i suppose.
Silly, foolish, little me
had me hypnotized
believing all the lies regarding love.
We had to depart because
adam- well he claims to be adam...his kool new friends are too kick-ass
and his new lifestyle is too gnarly!
I must be too unattractive to be on this cool dude's arm!
An embarrassment to his social bashes....
Maybe this guy is so far from me
that his only perspective on me is now beyond fair vision.
he don't see me in high definition anymore
He kept focusing his perspective on every imperfection
        of my body, my personality, and my soul....
I have friends who see me in a different light,
friends who have found my beauty
because when they tell me I am beautiful, i feel their unconditional love.
So,  how does one overcome such a detachment?
such a loss of something once so pure, innocent and lovely?
-The same way one must deal with the death of a loved one
I suppose.

Dayna E. 12/18/07

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psychological detachment