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 Poetic Feelings

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When I divorced him I thought I'd be relieved,
It's funny how our hearts can be so deceived;
I had loved that man with all my heart and soul,
He'd played in my life one tremendous role;

If I ever felt cold or filled with fright,
Held snugly in his arms, I’d feel warm and safe at night;
Sometimes I'd be mad or down and didn't know why,
He'd sit by my side and hold my hand, my closest ally;

He gave me two gifts that filled my life with joy,
Ones he felt were gifts from me--a girl and a boy;
He told me I added meaning and happiness to his life,
He was proud for everyone to know that I was his wife;

We were captivated at the feel of each other's touch,
It’s hard to believe we came to hate each other so much;
When I left him I felt disoriented, alone and lost,
But I was determined to go on, no matter what the cost;

He called me once, said he wanted me back all to himself,
One little snag though--he'd married someone else;
That was one storm I knew I'd never be able to weather,
I told him he'd better keep his present marriage together;

Over the years I've had to struggle through all kinds of trials,
During that time we'd become separated by hundreds of miles;
Then one day I was shocked to hear that he’d suddenly died,
It hurt so much I sat down, hung my head and cried;

Tried to comfort my children through their pain and grief,
But I learned something about myself--it's my sincere belief
That the intense love I'd first felt for him never did depart,
It just lay dormant all those years deep within my heart.

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