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Temptation (Soul of Myself)

This allegorical poem is about the temptations of mankind.
Its range extents to all races, creeds, and colors.

Why do the sins of the fathers
              keep dogging me?
Why are the seeds I've sown flogging me?
Though I've repented a thousand times...
the tracks of these hounds keep pawing at my mind
While some believe they find sweet relief
            in that Hennessey
that illusionistic fantasy is not for me
But I haven't the time to criticize
               another's hounds
when I'm in deep water about to drown
I'm on the run with this pack on my back
while these sniffing hounds are on my track
    trying to catch me up in sin,
Showing me my secret wishes...try to make me bend
Though they found me down by the beautiful bay
I fought the darkness to see another day
There's nothing like the smell of sweet success
but when the angels rejoiced I wasn't dressed
O Lord...Please forgive me for giving you less

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Temptation (Soul of Myself)