Maria Guzvic

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Whatever happened to Thursday
I seemed to have misplaced it along the way
One minute I was showering and dressing
Out travelling then, to play

How can one single party have obliterated my memory
Did yesterday even exist at all
Did you notice it passing
My week seemed to have temporarily stalled

I remember taking my coat off and saying hello
To the gathering throng as I arrived at the door
The next clear vision is this morning
As I attempted to get up off the floor

Don't you agree, lemonade and coke cola
Are made with much stronger stuff these days
A sip or two and your head starts to swivel
And then comes that questioning glaze

So it's Friday and I seem to have incurred a hole in my head
My brain has seeped and there's a throbbing inside
Darn me if I don't enjoy a good party
And here we are at the doorstep of yuletide!

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