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The table looked exquisite
A place set for each
Condiments and cranberries
Within easy reach

A pristine white tablecloth
Draped proudly and unlined
A cracker with a name tag
Welcomingly defined

Pine needles were the scent
Wafting along with Brussels sprout
Children turning their noses
When they saw the green mount

Chair backs hung
With waistcoats and jackets
Napkins folded
Into neat little packets

But the table did groan
As around it we sat
Staring at the roast turkey
As it lay and stared back

Bacon strips covered
Buttered vegetables over there
Everyone tucking
Into jolly festive fayre

We ate as we laughed
Slurping rich brown gravy
Looking forward to a dram of rum
Like they drunk in the Navy

Oh but the table doth groan
And we did groan too
Eating far far too much
Our belts fit like a very tight shoe

Relax for a while
Watch the tv and doze
Then fill up again on chocolates
As a super day came to a close

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