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 Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula      36366 Poems Read


Ecstacy of a  Pathological Liar

This chap has long peddled lies as a personal project
He has invested much of talent in demonizing others
And seems to do quite well in sowing seeds of abhorrence
He owns a superficial charm and glibness as a full-time sociopath
But he is short of a realistic life-plan right into a parasitic lifestyle

It is clear that he is a pathological liar of our time
An outwardly good man with a fraudulent wicked heart
Clad in an intellectual mask and well full of duplicity
And a pity that his integrity is slowly drifting away
One can presciently tell that he is emotionally bankrupt

He pals around with evil deeds and pretends to worship God
He owns an impulsive nature, lacks remorse, shame or guilt
Grandiose sense of self, callousness, and lacks empathy  
He is irresponsible, unreliable, quite too manipulative,
Armed with a conning mind and entrepreneurial versatility
He is extremely deceptive, But hopes it adds up into sense

Verily, reason has been shoddily misrepresented of him
And any partner of sound mind will find it problematic
To engage in loathing and then dish out genuine love
As if the normal yardstick is to hate then beget love

But the fine truth is not known to be suppressed forever
I still wonder why he cannot seek to grow taller in reason
Yet, for my destruction he may have to bribe God Himself
I stand my grounds in no admiration and detest all madness
For I know that, me and my God; We are still the majority

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