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Prayer of the Broken Vessel

    O Lord,
 Who wrapped me in this cracking clay
  that makes me struggle by the day?
 Though thy own hand molds me...
 I still need the strength of thy might to hold me;
 Please hold these brittle pieces together;
 My skin can't handle this brutal weather,
 Her breath's too cold...her fruits are ripe
 She wraps me in the patience of the still night,
      trying to choke out my sanity,
 O Lord I appeal to thee in my humanity
 I need relief from the rising sun,
 her heat's getting hotter yet I'm not done
 Though she kisses me with her brilliant bright,
  the cracks in me can't handle the light,
 Neither the rain from the crying skies
 when the emotions are stirred in her burning eyes
       and my condition's too low
 She comes in a strong shower with her power
     and takes me away in a mighty flow...
           Lord don't let go?

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Prayer of the Broken Vessel