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she prepared the room so carefully
to make it such a memorable night
the pure white linen placed settings
perfect in subdued candles light
each candle gently emitting
its delicate perfume
which very subtly hung
in that corner of the room

the scene being to her taste
in her own unique style
she paused for further check
surveyed it for a while

left quickly
she had no time
to properly dress

to her perfection
knew just what to wear
to enhance her pale pure beauty
ready with ample time to spare

she fed him like a gourmet
each course complementing the next
then drew him to her room
suggestions of imminent sex

making him compliant
and easily led;
to the white expanse
of her gently lit bed

where she him dying
bleeding out his life
from the deep wound
from the razor sharp knife

thrown on the floor
after the deed was done
she felt no sense of satisfaction
from the fact that she had won

sent that unfaithful lover
to his deserved fate
had no sense of regret
which anyway was too late
so she sat in her spoiled room
drinking her wine all alone
until sure of his last breath
she made confession on her phone

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