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Letter 35    (Delilah's Samson)

O broken heart wing me away....
 out beyond the pure skies?
Where common sense won't obey
 the sweetness of Delilah's lies
Though I've counted the days of healing
           a thousand times,
The tracks of my stitches I can't find
  Hide me from her dark night
Whom searches my shadows with the light,
    looking for my open wound
I would fall asleep again,
      but it too soon
O heart, wing me away
  out into the distance skies
where common sense shouldn't obey
the sweetness in her deadly lies
Though I long to stare in her luscious beams
Her vicious lies drowned out my dreams

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Letter 35 (Delilah`s Samson)