Beautiful Disaster

Unspoken Gifts

Their eyes are full of intent
Yet sparkle with wonder
Their voice is steady
But getting louder
As anticipation builds
As excitement grows
Hands shaking
Passion pulsing through
Every part of the body
Making sure to emphasis
The necessities
Decided upon
By the state
Everyone who knows
These people          
Can see this passion
They exude this passion
Through everything they do
Everything they say
And to see such passion
Is an inspiration
To pursue one's own passion
To let one's passion
Consume oneself completely
Guiding one's every step.
Their passion
Is an encouragement
To be who you want to be
To do what you want to do
To follow your own path
With a passionate heart
To love life's joys
And learn from life's trials
To do what you like
Because you like it
Not because you need it
Or because you have to
Their passion
They talk of trials
They've had to overcome
Providing insight and hope
They are reliable and responsible
Trustworthy and loyal
A steady helping hand
A stable support
One can have faith
That they will not lead them astray
That they will only help them grow
And in between lessons of
Arithmetic and grammar
One can have faith and know
They will surely
Teach so much more
Values, morals, good vs evil, right vs wrong
Compassion, joy, love, endurance
Determination, persistence, self-worth
Survival in the world, patience, and self control
Just to name a few
They are so influential
Yet hardly recognized
For one would rather attribute
Wisdom and knowledge learned
To ones own disposition and a natural ability
But this one
Has figured it out
And didn't know how else
To express her gratitude
Thank you
For giving me hope
For encouraging me to pursue my passion
And for all the unspoken gifts
That you have unknowingly given me

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