delete your cookies
quit leaving them there
for someone who loves you
to see that you've been
somewhere you'd prefer
she wouldn't go
she doesn't want to know
that she's not enough
all the time
it's a crime
to hurt her after she was sweet
at your feet
being your girl
rocking your world
only to be let down
as often happens in life
the door to peace
slaps you in the face
with reality
sour on me
more than some can stand
that they are not enough
for one man
they usually want more
involving some bore
from some nameless
website that is
not right
if it's lonely
loving you want again
go on and go to that friend
at that place
where sex is all there
is to face
I won't be bummed
after being joyful
more liked numbed
succumbed to charms
used for another
upset, angry
know I'm not
your mother
I can't stand
for the green-eyed
monster to appear
thought it was clear
I was enough
obviously not
so back to tough
fighting for my life
go get them
leave me alone
the Internet
is where you get
anything at all
it's just a way to fall
out of the thing you already had
that was real and
not too bad
I should meet a poet
who could send me
something sweet
just words for all to read
not have to see the dirty deed
like I had to see now
I'll go on and
get over it somehow
but maybe not with you
not faithful too much too
what a scam
to think I am
a Mame worthy of
from the royalty
of someone I thought was a king
only mean
to remind me
he's lost in electronic
waves of go get it
I right now
Just don't fit it
and I never will
as finding this
makes me feel ill
nice try
no wonder I
don't hear
I love you
too tough to say
when you're off to play
to this thing that's not
reality rolls down
the hill
over the mountain
to youth's fountain
which I am not
I feel sick
because in a click
I caught
you doing what you
don't want me to do
I think I better go
I have to puke right now
so you can know
you hurt me once again
cr@p o' cr@p!

1/9/2008 cj

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