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Waiting for the Greater Light

This poem is an allegory. It's written using symbolism.
The sun as the greater light (truth) and the moon as the
lesser (half truth). The sun is brighter and controls the day.
The moon is dimmer which is controlled by the night. And the
symbolic dark skies that sometime control both lights. It also
emphasizes how life begins in the spring from the might of the sun.

Why are ye lying O turbulent skies?
My ears ring from your hopeless cries
Though the long night try to take my sight
   Still, I believe in thee! O Sunrise
My heart seeks the strength of thy face
My eyes...they crave the beauty in thine rays
         when they spread like wings
The treacherous winter even awaits
           the spring you bring
Oh rise...I say, O mighty beam!
     in the glory of thy height  
I refuse to dance with thee O night!
Though you pursue me with the passionate moon
The integrity of thy hope dies too soon

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James

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Waiting for the Greater Light