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 Food For Thought

Amazing how this site can be
Where strangers write their poetry
They post feelings both good and bad
Escape in thoughts for just a tad

Breaking some rules along the way
With hands upon keyboard they'll say
Whats on their mind that flows from heart
From souls real deep their stories start

Some brief, graphic, in short they feed
The hunger pangs that readers need
In love or hate, short stories theirs
Naked some truths, white lies some bared

They ride the crest of words that crash
Upon the shores and in a dash
Some bring a peace unkown to those
Who read their work and so it goes

Escape in cosmic dust shaken
Relieved of all they lost, forsakened
For in their words all hope to share
Journeys one's own, some not so fair

Brief, detailed some long at length
Real, made up, some breathing nonsense
But in the end all take thier bow
Performed in words, raising eyebrows

So write all do for hunger calls
No time to stop and hit a wall
Just crash right through your peers await
What looms unread, a writers state

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