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 "White Paper"...I am mad as hell!

White Paper
By: Jackie R. Kays


NOTE: This is not a political statement nor should it be construed as one.
It’s not my intent in this “white paper” to point an accusing finger.
(beside I don’t have enough fingers.)
I am not qualified to do so, nor do I know exactly where the blame rests.
But, in a couple of months I will turn seventy five years old and
I look at our country today and wonder when and where did its
greatness go?

I’m fearful, disillusioned, and just plain mad!

What has happened to the leadership qualities of Lincoln, the Roosevelt’s…Teddy and Franklin  and
other great movers and shakers of our time?

Is there no one out there that has the ability and the moxie to change the status quo of the so called,
“Politically correct crowd.” The ones who seem to have their heads buried in the sand or some place.
Some will argue that this is still the greatest country in the world! I could not agree more, but that’s
simply because the rest of the world is in total chaos or nearing that situation.

What am I taking about?
I’m talking about the low value of the U.S. dollar throughout  the world at this time in our history,
about the shameful condition of the our industrial complex. When we speak of the car
manufacturers, we are no longer speaking of  U.S. manufacturers, instead it’s the Japanese.
I am mad as hell… because a gallon of ninety- five cent gas costs me three dollars. I am mad as hell…
because everything that I purchase is made in China or elsewhere, due to our jobs being farmed out all
over the world.
I am mad as hell…because millions in this country have no access to reasonably priced health care.
I am mad as hell…because we are involved in my opinion, in another un-winable war, that is costing  the
lives of our young men and women, not to mention a war budget that our great- grandchildren will still
be paying on.
I’m mad as hell… because one of our oldest and most unique cities is still in chaos from a storm that is
long gone. I am mad as hell…because  our infrastructure throughout  the country is outdated and in
many cases (bridges for an example)are dangerous.
I’m mad as hell…that our  sovereignty is being threatened by a silent invasion from across our borders.
I’m mad as hell…because a bunch of crooks have highjacked the housing industry and ruined the
housing market for years to come.
I’m mad as hell… because our school system rates for below many of the other countries.
I’m made as hell…because terrorists can brazenly enter our country and kill thousands of American
I’m mad as hell…because old people on fixed incomes have to scrape to get by in the greatest
country in the world.
I’m made as hell… beacuse our young people of this country have to work for an intolerable wage,
and have little to look forward to in the future.
I’m mad as hell…because the Veterans Administration is overloaded, antiquated, understaffed and
I am mad as hell…because Christianity is being slowly eliminated from our government, in which it
was founded upon, from our schools and our government buildings.
Last but not least… I ‘m mad as hell…because we need a  fair tax system that works for every
These are just a few of the serious concerns in this great country that needs change.
If we are to continue being the greatest country in the world.

Do I have all the answers to these pressing problems…no I do not, but I do have a strong
Simply put…”Change!”  If I’ve learned anything in my seventy- five years, it is  that
change can only be accomplished if, a good decision has been made and  positive action
 is taken to bring about that change … otherwise you and I both know that it’s just wishful

We need people with the ability and will power to bring about that change.
We need leaders with integrity, foresight and will power!

I pray that we can get that type of leadership before this country becomes just another sprawling
third world country like India… forever stalemated because of division of religion, customs and politics.

My intent for penning this paper was not to  seek agreement of my opinions, but to give the reader food
for thought.

I invite the readers to post his or her thoughts and opinions on this subject.

I will sincerely appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to respond to this “White Paper.”


Jackie R. Kays
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