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Let me tell you now
You've done it
Awakened a sleeping giant

Nothing alights my mind
Or my heart like
Words on a page
Like feelings on fire

You share your deepest desires
I succumb

You tell me your shadowy secrets
I comfort

You give me a slice of your soul
I cherish

Too late

You've let me fall in love
With who you are

It's not like that…
Not man – woman love

It's soul love
It's human being love
It's sojourner love

We share the journey
We have no destination
We just love one another's beings
We travel a parallel path for a while
Or who knows…maybe forever

Speak from within and I'll read
And I'll love you all the more

And life will be easier for the sharing.

K.Tate Jacoby
Copyright 1/20/08
(revised 11/12/09)

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