Soul Mate

                                Soul Mate        Jan 30,20

Just a glance of an eye it made my heart beat, it was all that the cards did play
Just a second in time when I knew you were mine, like a flash you moved away
Our eyes were one, I thought it begun, and my feelings wanted you for me
It happens in life that the one that's for you comes close to soon disappear
I know it was us, and you knew it too, goodbye to the love of my life
You'll never come back with that glance of your eye; you left me your spirit did fly
Life's sad, I'll think of you often, I'll be beside you again as I look to the sky
I know we won't meet on a place called the street, it will happen, I have no fear
Heavens the place for my glance of the eye, I'll love and cry a tear
Soul mates are few, especially you, your spirit to the heavens did fly
Will I see you again, will you wait for me there, will you greet me with the glance of an eye  
                           Gerrard McGeachy

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