Tattoos in Mayberry

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There's too little I find
in this world to call mine
Mission marked incomplete
Memo's in triplicate
I Cranked it up
I flipped the switch
I  put 'er there

Lost my foot notes
In dead files 
been skip traced
to the green mile
Word on the street
Stinks like yesterday's meat
Chalk it up
to Meteor Flares

Stamp the tag
Jot it down
Sign right there
Throw a flag
Bait the bears
it's official
Nobody cares
But, I don't  ever want  
to look into your eyes
'n' see a blank stare.
Isn't there anybody
in there
up there
out there
right there
to be there.
Don't nobody care?
That's why I had to come back
one last time
to put my best
pick up rhymes on you
you're so fine,
Bout blow my mind
All the plans we could've made
fell through
I can't lie.
You'd be the apple of my eye.
I tried to quit you 
but I got a nasty junkie's flu.
I just got toasted,
triple roasted
a seconds ago or two 
on Gorilla Glue.
with Bobby, Tommy, and Sue
I could barely walk, talk
or crawl to you.
I was droolin' too.
Our all night dance,
one time chance
for romance
fell through between me and you.
Couldn't push the deal through.
I was just too high
 higher than the birds
that fly.
That's pretty high
won't you get high ,
like I get high
one time, honey,
You might enjoy the view
or maybe I was the wrong 
kinda high for you..

There's still too little I find
in your world to call mine

Mission marked incomplete
 Memo's in triplicate
I cranked another one up
flipped your  switch
I put  'er right in there.
More lost footnotes in dead files
Skip traced to greener miles
Word on the street
still stinks like yesterday's meat
Chalk another one up
to meteor flares.
Stamp the tag
Jot it down
Sign right there
throw a flag
Bait the bears
it's official
without you
nobody cares.

All rights reserved as is  by Author

Buddy Bee Anthony 

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