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How could Smarty Jones lose the Belmont Stakes?
Around the final stretch
looked like dirty money
had their jock put on his brakes
36 to 1
Birdstone shot down
Smarty's Triple Crown
Ronnie Reagan cashed in his last trickle down
Tell me, how's your trick,
your trickle down trick
tricklin down now
How's your trick, trick,
trickle down trick
tricklin down now?

How does it taste
how do you like the feel?
Eatin your greasy home-cooked
trickle down meal

How's  your trick,
your trickle down trick
tricklin' down now?
How's your trick, trick
trickle down trick
tricklin' down now?

Back in the day
we were livin' large
makin' money hand over fist
closin down the bars
pinstripes with spit shined Shoes
Bold as superstars
When HMO's blew through
all we could do was sell used cars
Job prospects were now slim and none
for my insurance agent father and his son.

Tell me, how's your
your trickle down trick
tricklin' down now
How's your trick ,trick
 trickle down trick
tricklin' down for you now?, .

Buddy Bee Anthony

All editing and publishing and copyrights reserved 'as is' by this author

Re-edited 09/02/2023 @  4:15 AM Pacific Time

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Trickle Down



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