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The Rise of the Speck of Dust

Raised from the dirt and ashes of the earth
I was set on this mountaintop. Blown upon her
by the wind, but that same wind that set me here,
    is constantly trying to bring me down.
O Wind, why are you constantly blowing around?
O confused friend I've found or did I find?
These questions are edged so deeply in my mind
 On my rise you were there,
            you cleared my eyes,
                you caressed my hair
  You cleared the dust
     and scattered the smoke,
    carried my voice when I spoke, O dear friend
O so caring were the hands of you that carried me
     when I was weak
Don't rise up against me now because I'm
      on this peak
I'm not trying to reach the stars,
that's how arrogant men fell,
 Your arms are so strong,
you blow around so well up around this peak
Now you're trying to mute my voice when I speak
O Martin Luther King dare I dream...dare I dream?!
  O Lord God we need thine wings!

copyrights 2008
Robert Anthony James


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The Rise of the Speck of Dust